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Spicy Girl Toys By Spicy Girl Novelties, LLC

wholesale sex toysWelcome to Spicy Girl Toys by Spicy Girl Novelties LLC, a woman owned adult toys line designed specifically for women. Spicy Girl Toys offers a variety of adult toys of different shapes and sizes for your customer's needs. We pride ourselves on delivering a product that will not leave your customers unsatisfied. Our line of adult toys possess just the right curves, are detailed with the perfect textures, and equipped with powerful motors to create an unmatched sexual experience. Made of high quality materials, Spicy Girl Toys are easy to operate for individuals experimenting with adult toys, but also contain the features that a veteran user would appreciate.

In addition to the product quality, we also believe in overall impression. At Spicy Girl Toys, we not only wanted to have products that would outshine the competition in dependability and performance, we also wanted to create product packaging that would stand out amongst your consumers to catch their eye. Our bold flame design together with key product information enables our packaging to be a great selling feature for your store or web site.

Spicy Girl Toys bring more than just sexual satisfaction. Our products take erotic exploration to a whole new level.


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